What if I'm not fully on board with this Christianity thing?

This is an excellent place to gather some information on Christianity and gain an understanding of what the Church and our love for Jesus Christ is really about. This is not a situation in which anyone will try to force anything on you, make you come to the front or make you stand up in front of everyone! We know all about the "church nightmares" people have endured, and our heart is rather to create a comfortable place to think through and process what the Christian life is all about. There will be people there to talk to you if you have any questions. We'd be so happy to have you; no matter where you are in your faith or what faith you follow.

What is the format of the service?

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by friendly folks and directed to the meeting room where we enjoy coffee and pastries before service begins. The service itself begins with music and singing, what we refer to as worship, moves into a 20-25 minute time of teaching with Rev. Tim Jones and ends with a little more worship before we dismiss. We take an offering during the service, which is our way of giving back to God; but if you are not a regular attender of the Table, please do not feel any pressure to donate.

How do people worship at the Table?

Our congregation tends to be very comfortable to worship around. This doesn't mean that we are not ardent in our affections for God, but it does mean that you will not be subject to compulsory dancing or any such behavior. You may see some people who will raise their hands in worship to God, and you will likely hear us sing loudly and joyfully!

How big is the Table?

We are a church of about 75 members, but on any given Sunday there may be as many as 150 in attendance. On special services like Easter and Christmas Eve, we may have as many as 300-400.

How long has the Table been around?

We were founded as All Saints Ministry about four years ago in 2012, by Rev. Dr. Mark Brewer. We came under the leadership of Rev. Tim Jones in June of 2016 and became The Table Community Church in September of 2016.

"I have more questions about the Table!"

You can read a great deal more about our ministry in our About section. Here you'll find our core values and beliefs, our creed and more. However, please do contact us if there is anything else you'd like to know. You can reach out to us on our contact page. We'd love to hear from you!

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